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Terminal connector for large flow dispensing

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Terminal connector dispensing requirements are not very high, you can choose the corresponding automatic dispensing machine dispensing, with 3131 dispensing valve dispensing, because the size of terminal connector is not very large, so small recommendation desktop dispensing machine, so that production costs can be greatly reduced, the main dispensing effect can meet demand.
台式点胶机 Which machine is used for terminal dispensing
Use automatic dispensing machine to dispensing terminal connector, need to use dispensing fixture, because the product needs to be fixed before dispensing, so we will customize the corresponding dispensing fixture, combined with desktop dispensing machine, so that we can meet the needs of production, although there are many types of terminal connectors, but we use 3131 dispensing valve, can adjust the amount of glue at will. Size, this is more convenient.
Full automatic dispensing machine recommended by us
Desktop dispensing machine is the standard version of 331 dispensing machine. In fact, we recommend a full-automatic dispensing machine with double-station, which can reduce the time interval between taking products, thus speeding up the dispensing efficiency of terminal connectors. Both versions of the automatic dispensing machine can meet the production needs. According to the needs of your manufacturer, it is also possible to select dispensing equipment. We can all do dispensing solutions for your connectors.
Automatic Production Line
流水线点胶机 Products requiring large flow dispensing are mainly the control of dispensing volume. 3131 dispensing valve can increase the dispensing volume. As long as the needle is bigger, the dispensing volume will follow. This is the advantage of automatic production. Now the progress of science and technology has gradually strengthened the effect of production. There is also a mode of production, i.e. production by pipeline, that is, there is no need for manual auxiliary production, and production by machine. To carry out all the production and realize the real automatic dispensing, which is also our automatic production line.
If you need terminal connector dispensing, you can use our automatic desktop dispensing machine and 3131 dispensing valves, and our telephone service hotline 13928403389.

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