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Full automatic dispensing machine for dispensing plastic par

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Plastic case dispensing using small threaded pneumatic dispensing machine as production equipment, will meet the needs of plastic case using glue, glue can determine the quality of products, we must consider the type of glue used, use threaded glue as production glue, then need to configure some special dispensing accessories, in order to meet the needs of production.
塑料件外壳点胶 Various types and specifications are available
Another point is that the size of plastic case also determines which equipment to use, but we can produce relatively large automatic dispensing machines, such as 661 dispensing machine, 551 dispensing machine and non-dispensing machine, which can point more than 500 mm plastic case, so it can meet many specifications. If you need such a large machine, you can also use small threaded pneumatic dispensing machine. Machine, travel is 331, can point plastic parts below 300 shell, and dispensing accuracy can be controlled by small dispensing valve oh.
Advantages of using small dispensing valves
Small dispensing valve is a kind of valve with high precision, dispensing speed, and control the amount of glue is relatively stable, so that guarantees the quality of the point glue oh! The dispensing requirement of plastic parts shell is more stringent. The small dispensing valve with better quality can meet the dispensing requirement of various types of plastic parts, and the quality also meets the requirement of sale, which guarantees the interests of manufacturers to a great extent.
塑料点胶 Reasons for recommending small dispensing machines for production
Why would I recommend using a small threaded pneumatic dispenser? Instead of recommending the use of visual automatic dispensing machine, this machine can meet the production needs, but the cost is not very cost-effective, the use of small automatic dispensing machine is low-cost, fast production, a full automatic dispensing machine in the morning production speed is the speed of two people's whole day production, and labor costs are also increasing, manual production is no longer an advantage, but the machine. Machine production is the future advantage.
小螺纹气动点胶机 If you need a small threaded pneumatic dispensing machine for plastic case dispensing, or other types of automatic dispensing machine, as well as a small dispensing valve, you can find us! Our telephone service hotline is 13928403389.

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