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Machinery and equipment for bonding and gluing large plastic

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Plastic steel doors and windows bonding using dispensing equipment is no longer unfamiliar, our system specializes in the production of dispensing equipment used in this area, belongs to a non-standard automatic dispensing machine, can be used for one-time large doors and windows for gluing, the use is more convenient, and the points and lines of gluing are more uniform, the overall improvement of the quality of point glue and product appearance.
Dispensing travel of gantry dispenser
The dispensing equipment used in the door and window industry is called the gantry five-axis sealant dispensing machine. The dispensing stroke is very large. The x-axis and y-axis z-axis travel can reach 1300 mm*1860 mm*100 mm, which can realize the bonding of plastic steel doors and windows. This is different from the usual dispensing machine and automatic dispensing machine. For example, the automatic dispensing machine used in the application of motorcycle dispenser is only 441 dispensing machine, which is similar to this dispensing device. There is nothing comparable.
The effect of machine application in gluing doors and windows
The application performance of gantry five-axis sealing strip dispensing machine is also more precise. The glue line is straight and the glue is uniform, which is especially in line with the needs of this industry. Moreover, the dispensing strip of the dispensing machine is rational and more in line with the needs of plastic steel door and window bonding now. Owning a machine that meets the production requirements is an improvement of production, which can help manufacturers achieve higher value. Some doors and windows are cheaper, which is closely related to the production industry.
Glue case
点胶机 Taking motorcycle igniter gluing as an example, this gluing scheme uses 441 dispensing machine as the production machine. The dispensing technology has met the production demand, and will not appear unstable or uneven dispensing situation. It has already met the needs of industry production. If the gantry five-axis sealing dispensing machine is used for production, it will produce unpaid results and give the result of gluing. The scheme can not be realized, which is why we produce dispensing machine according to the bonding requirements of plastic steel doors and windows.
塑钢门窗粘接 The same is true for our glue-coating scheme. We know whether the machine meets the production requirements and then decide to use the glue-dispensing machine according to the glue-dispensing requirements. This is the glue-dispensing scheme flow. We have used this method to design the glue-coating scheme for plastic steel doors and windows and motorcycle igniter. If you have any doubts or need for the glue-dispensing machine, we call us. Telephone service hotline: 0769-88004095

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