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Medical equipment dispensing recommended that you inspect th

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Medical equipment dispensing demand is relatively high, which is closely related to the application. Each dispensing location determines the quality of the product. A little malfunction of medical equipment will cause a series of problems, which may lead to problems in inspection. This matter can not be a problem. Only advanced and guaranteed equipment can meet the demand of medical equipment dispensing. It is recommended that you use pur single liquid platform sprayer.
Introduction of Pur Single-liquid Platform Sprayer
pur单液平台喷胶机 Pur single-liquid platform dispensing machine is a standard three-axis dispensing machine, but no longer uses the previous 212 dispensing valve as a control device, and uses hot melt dispensing valve, because this dispensing valve can meet the requirements of medical equipment dispensing, which is one of the reasons why I would recommend you to use this dispensing machine, according to the needs of the dispensing industry, whether it is dispensing. Speed, or dispensing control accuracy, are very in line with demand.
Reasons for inappropriate use of 2121 dispensing valve
热熔胶点胶机 Although 2121 dispensing valve belongs to one of the precision dispensing valves, there are also non-dispensing ones. The glue used in dispensing medical equipment is hot melt glue. If 2121 dispensing valve can not melt particles, it can not dispensing, so the main reason for choosing the hot melt dispensing valve is to meet the needs of production. Of course, there are other glue machines, mainly depending on the type of machine your industry needs, we can all produce oh!
医疗设备点胶 If you need to use pur single liquid platform sprayer for dispensing medical equipment, or other types of dispensing machine, you can contact us. We have a variety of dispensing machines and customized dispensing equipment. There are also different types of dispensing valves. 2121 dispensing valves are just one of them. Our telephone service hotline is 13928403398.

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