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What kind of valve is suitable for visual automatic dispensi

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Most of the manufacturing industry will choose to use as packaging equipment docking vision automatic dispensing machine, its powerful features and outstanding performance in the majority of manufacturing industries, through the visual positioning control system of the gluing precision is very high, dispensing accuracy to set by visual positioning system will work by dispensing valve to achieve precise dispensing work, and visual automatic dispensing dispensing valve is selected some of the more special, such as ceramic dispensing valve.
The dispensing valve is mainly used in ceramic made of zirconia ceramics, the deformation effect of zirconia ceramics, abrasion resistance and compressive strength is higher, so the service life is very good for high temperature ceramic insulation treatment effect, dispensing valve compression value is high, so it will not in the implementation process of automatic dispensing due to excessive pressure on ceramic dispensing valve impact. Ceramic dispensing valve has good heat insulation wet effect, no matter in what environment glue can ensure the best effect of the glue dispensing machine, to further enhance the value of.
The higher requirement to the dispensing valve visual automatic dispensing machine, need to support real-time adjustment, when the operator through the visual system changes to immediately adjust dispensing valve, ceramic dispensing valve higher sensitivity, can help the operator achieve instant modification, will not affect the normal dispensing accuracy and dispensing work quality, reflect the usefulness of this dispensing valve.
Dispensing valve spray dispensing valve is suitable for dispensing machine vision, can realize the automatic glue coating area, mainly applicable to some low viscous glue dispensing, except spray dispensing valve and metering dispensing valve, rotary valve for dispensing.

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