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Coverage PCB board spraying with wide spray valve and machin

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PCB board spraying has many mature technologies, other types of jet dispensing machine with jet dispensing valve, this effect is a very good way, because the jet valve can achieve 360 degree wide injection, and scope can also control the scope of demand, so PCB board spraying with this method will have better effect.
PCB板喷胶 Two Kinds of Machines Suitable for Gum Spraying
Medium-sized dispensing manufacturers recommend two spraying methods, one is large-scale spraying dispensing machine, the other is desktop automatic spraying machine, which can be used with spraying dispensing hair for spraying. The performance of the two methods is different, and the performance of large machines is more perfect. Only desktop automatic spraying machine needs to manually place PCB boards, dispensing is relatively troublesome. Let me talk with you about automatic dispensing. Glue sprayer.
Desktop sprayer
视觉喷射点胶机 Desktop automatic spraying machine adopts three-axis platform structure, with stepping motor, control system, electronic circuit board, guide rail and so on. It belongs to the epitome of large spraying dispensing machine. It has three-dimensional dispensing function and can complete product dispensing at different regular heights. The effect of spraying on PCB board will also be satisfied.
桌面式自动喷胶机 Applying desktop automatic spraying machine in PCB board spraying, we will help you adjust the spraying effect, dispensing effect to meet the production requirements, in order to make your production more perfect, using the current production effect, will be able to accelerate your production speed, and we have a mature technology in PCB board spraying, can meet the requirements of PCB board spraying, but also can Sufficiently according to the needs of the product, to make targeted spraying program, we will also use a variety of dispensing programs, spraying test, and then choose production equipment to meet the needs.

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