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Machines and valves for dispensing and gluing silicone rubbe

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Silicone rubber ring dispensing needs to meet two kinds of dispensing technology, the first, circular dispensing technology, the second, the accuracy of glue coating, to meet the requirements of both, in order to complete the requirements of the silicone rubber ring coating, and we also designed a mold that meets the requirements of the silicone rubber ring, can fix the silicone rubber ring directly, and then dispensing will not lead to product movement, will improve the effect of the product dispensing.
Quadruple position glue machine
密封圈点胶 On the basis of the original automatic dispensing machine, a Y-axis is added to realize the simultaneous dispensing of two silica gel rings to improve the dispensing effect of the original silica gel rings. Moreover, we have a four-position dispensing machine with four y-axes, which can place four silica gel rings for dispensing. This mould is only a simple test mould. To produce in large quantities, we can also help you design it. Mold, for mass production.
Circular dispensing valve
双工位点胶机 Circular dispensing valves can use relatively high viscosity glue. The type of glue used in silica gel ring dispensing is more in line with that of circular dispensing valves. It is in accordance with the viscosity. There are many different types of dispensing valves in the market. Circular dispensing valves are only one of them, and according to their glue matching, this kind of valve is more in line with the requirements of silica gel ring dispensing, so we use circular dispensing valves as a point. Rubber Core Rubber Valve Type.
Production of automatic dispensing machines with various specifications
Our automatic dispensing machine has 221, 331, 441, 551, 661 and so on. For example, 661 means that the X/Y distance is 600 mm and the Z-axis distance is 100 mm. In this range, dispensing can be carried out. Therefore, the mould we designed is a board, and then we can cut out the suitable size of the silicone rubber ring. One board can put more than 20 silicone rubber rings, and then directly use the whole silicone rubber ring. Automatic dispensing machine can complete dispensing task in only ten seconds.
圆形点胶阀 Dispensing Speed and Total Production of Silicone Rubber Ring
With plate replacement and dispensing time, the whole dispensing only needs ten seconds and eight hours a day, which can achieve about 2800 dispensing. It is not only faster than manual production, but also has better dispensing effect. Because dispensing with circular dispensing valve and automatic dispensing machine, high precision and uniform dispensing are the basic functions of dispensing machine, and dispensing with silica gel ring can improve the stickiness between products. It can improve the sealing performance.
It can be produced by three-axis automatic dispensing machine and circular dispensing machine, or by four-position dispensing machine and multi-head dispensing valve. Both methods conform to the production of silica gel ring dispensing. The difference lies in which is simpler and more effective. If you need dispensing equipment in this area, you are welcome to call the service hotline of Dongguan Medium-made Automation Equipment: 139-2840-3389 (Wang Xian). Sheng)

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