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New generation of on-line visual dispensing equipment for TF

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TFT module dispensing has high requirements for bonding technology and two kinds of bonding requirements. In order to reduce its production cost, the new generation of on-line automatic spraying machine can solve the two kinds of bonding requirements. There will be no need to repair the bonding problem. It greatly reduces the probability of defective products. It also uses frame bonding for TFT module. The cost is not high, but the effect is very poor.
New generation of dispensing for TFT die
TFT模组点胶 The new generation jet dispensing machine manufactured by our company adopts advanced technology at home and abroad and artificial intelligence recognition method to scan TFT module, determine dispensing position and dispensing accuracy, and then carry out bonding task, fully automated, without manual control and operation, because online automatic spraying machine is equipped with LED light source height measurement and digital high-definition visual control system, high-definition visual determination. Bit system can accurately find the fitting position, coupled with a stable PLC control system, TFT module dispensing can be carried out stably.
Advantages of dispensing brought about by new technology
xf881兴发手机版入口 In the old generation of technology, we also need to make the corresponding die for fixing the TFT module to prevent the deviation of bonding, but this will affect the quality of dispensing. This is the defective products brought by the old products, but the new spray dispensing machine will not have such a situation, because it has the technology that dispensing can be completed without the die, and also has the function of checking the defective products. The spray dispensing machine can bring these advantages, and the core technology of TFT module dispensing will be greatly improved. This is not a general performance modification, but an overall improvement, which greatly improves all aspects of production.
Jet dispensing machine is the most advanced machine we can produce at present. It also has a particularly strong point. Which is the combination of pipeline dispensing, which can be directly completed in the TFT module from the initial parts to the final forming. Online automatic spraying machine combined with pipeline does not need to be operated again in the middle. The machine directly completes the bonding task and completes the TFT module. Spot gum quality test.

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