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The assembly of dispensing pressure barrel is skillful. Teac

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Although the assembly of piston pressure barrel is a simple matter, even without instructions, it will be able to figure out how to assemble after a while, but this will affect the dispensing work, why so to say, the use of pressure barrel is to store glue and glue supply, poor installation will lead to unstable glue supply, thus affecting the effect of dispensing.
Dispensing problems caused by improper installation
Let Xiaobian tell you how to assemble the piston pressure barrel, in fact, it is very simple, because only ten parts are needed to install the pressure barrel. Only if these parts are assembled well, a pressure barrel can be assembled, and there will be no problem in use. The pressure barrel has a great impact on the quality of the point gum, because the piston pressure barrel stores glue, so the first step is to install the pressure barrel. If there are problems, then there will be such problems in the products, especially in some exotic flower glue. A little external factors will lead to the change of the quality of the glue, which directly affects the quality of the point glue.
More attention should be paid to details in advanced science and technology
Visual screw valve dispensing machine with precision jet valve is a high-matching combination, which can meet a lot of industry dispensing requirements, dispensing accuracy is high, production speed is fast, almost dispensing industry benchmark, if there are problems in the assembly of piston pressure barrel, the advanced visual dispensing machine will become worse than ordinary dispensing machine, which is simply the difference between heaven and earth, and that is. When epoxy resin is stored, air sliding into the piston pressure barrel will cause glue bubbles, which will directly inject into the precision jet valve. Air will lead to less glue and more affect the accuracy of injection. The use of high-end visual dispensing machine can not avoid dispensing problems.
The influence of pressure barrel
压力桶 This is only a small pressure drum assembly problem, but it has led to a series of irreplaceable losses, that is, details are not done well, any equipment will become a useless machine, visual screw valve dispenser is no exception. In order to store epoxy resin, the assembled piston pressure barrel is needed. How to assemble the pressure barrel? Now let me tell you,
Pressure Barrel Assembly Process
Piston pressure barrel has ten accessories, O-ring, safety valve, ball valve, 2*8 air-connection head, 2*6 air-connection head and multiple double-way, and the assembly mainly lies in the ball valve. The ballvalve needs to be equipped with a barometer and air-connection head. The ballvalve has the mark of intake and outlet. The 2*6 air-connection head is then intake and outlet, and the other half is connected with two pairs of wires to complete the assembly of balls, and then the middle hole is connected. 2*8 air connector, the other two directly connected to other air interface, completed the pressure barrel assembly.
Understanding the assembly method of piston pressure drum is helpful for epoxy storage or the use of visual screw dispensing machine. It will not affect the work of precision jet valve. The more high-end dispensing equipment is used, similar to visual dispensing machine. Particular attention should be paid to the details of the work, so that dispensing task can be done well and details are exquisite.

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