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One-step explanation of the principle of electric stirring d

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If you want to know something, you must know what it is, what role it can play, and what skills it has. In order to understand a product thoroughly, what Xiaobian wants to say is the electric stirring dispensing valve, and the principle of the stirring dispensing valve will also be mentioned together. If you want to know the working method and operation method of the electric stirring valve, please listen carefully to the explanation - Thank you.
Advantages of using electric agitation
电动搅拌点胶阀 Electric stirring dispensing valve is a kind of glue valve used for high-viscosity two-liquid glue. It can input glue on both sides in combination with two cylinders. Because the glue concentration is too thick, it can not mix automatically. Electric stirring dispensing valve is equipped with electric motor, which can mix glue by using the rotating ability of motor to ensure the mixing degree of a glue and B glue at the point of operation. The glue can guarantee the quality of the product. This is the principle of stirring dispensing valve.
Main Reasons for Using Electric Stirring
电动灌胶点胶阀 Is it very simple? Yes, it's very simple. It's mainly because in the aspect of mixing glue, the perfect combination of a glue and B glue will make the dispensing effect better. Otherwise, the glue will not solidify. This is the problem that dispensing is not allowed. It's unacceptable to use high-speed dispensing machine and jet dispensing machine. In fact, the principle of electric stirring dispensing valve follow-up port is unacceptable. The screw dispensing valve in the dispensing valve is very desirable, but the imported dispensing valve is more uniform and accurate in the control of glue. Therefore, in the high-end dispensing industry, many manufacturers will now spray dispensing machine or high-speed dispensing machine with imported dispensing valve for dispensing task.
Advantages over special double-liquid dispensing valves
This is the principle of electric stirring dispensing valve. There is nothing special in other aspects. Another special point is that if you can use 3:1 and 2:1 types of glue, you can use one stage of glue higher than the ordinary double-liquid dispensing valve. This is also its characteristics, which is more in line with the requirements of glue filling industry. If you want to use high-precision dispensing requirements, you can use jet dispensing machine and imported dispensing valve to dispensing task.

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