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Size selection of manual dispensing needle and automatic dis

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The size selection of dispensing needle is manual and automatic. The choice of manual dispensing and automatic dispensing is different. Because the two dispensing methods are different, the size of dispensing needle is the same. At present, according to the automatic dispensing machine and manual dispensing machine, the size selection of dispensing needle is explained, so that you can quickly configure the corresponding dispensing needle.
Selection of manual dispensing needle
点胶针头 Manual dispensing needle is also a relatively simple one, that is, how much dispensing width you need for black glue coating, and then according to this width to select the size specifications of dispensing needle, the glue will meet the needs of the product, dispensing needle selection to be correct, otherwise it will affect product quality, more will affect the speed of product glue coating, manual glue coating itself is not automatic fast. Moreover, inaccurate selection of dispensing needle specifications will directly affect the quality of the dispensing needle.
Needle selection method of automatic dispensing machine
挠性点胶针头 The size of dispensing needle for automatic dispensing machine is different from manual dispensing machine. It needs to be different from dispensing width and divided by three to select dispensing needle that meets the demand. For example, the width of blackening rubber is 3 mm, and the size of needle for automatic dispensing machine is 1 mm or 1.3 mm. It is not appropriate to select other specifications.
塑料针头 Automatic glue dispensing machine and manual glue dispensing needle size can use this method, which is the most convenient way to choose, but also need to pay attention to the glue viscosity, glue viscosity thick use a little bit larger specifications do not matter, and low viscosity glue, it is best to choose a little lower specifications of the needle, so as to ensure that the automatic glue dispensing machine in operation, there will be no glue coating. If the coverage is not uniform or excessive, it will be more effective to choose the method.

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