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Xiaobian tells you how to use dispensing machine to point fo

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There is something to be noticed in the use of foam glue. Unlike manual use, automatic dispensing machine needs to pay more attention to its effect. Because foam glue is foamed, the amount of foam glue needed to be controlled. After foaming, glue will swell, but it can not affect the quality of products.
Machine for point-of-conformity foam
发泡胶 Xiaobian recommends that you use the medium-sized epoxy sealant coating machine to point the foam. The foam is generally used to bond doors and windows. The working platform of the demand is larger. Then the machine control effect is better. The accuracy control is better. It can ensure the uniformity of the dispensing products. After foaming, it can meet the product requirements. Because 2121 point rubber valve is used as the control valve, the quantity of each place is larger. They are uniform, so there is no waste or spill of foam after foaming.
Glue Coating Machine Travel and Non-standard Machine Production
The journey of epoxy sealant coating machine is relatively large, x/y/z800*800*200 mm. This is a non-standard journey coating machine we produce. If you need bigger or longer, we can produce it. But we need to give us a production cycle to achieve the desired results. Door and window bonding is also one of the industry types we often use, not only in specifications, but also in grams. The requirement of travel is satisfied, and the point foam technology also meets the requirement, and the precision control also meets the requirement of production.
Dispensing accessories for controlling foam
Precision control is directly related to the accessories of the glue dispensing machine, such as the use of 2121 dispensing valve and dispensing syringe, using the former dispensing effect will be better, dispensing control and dispensing accuracy are relatively high-end, point foam needs to use pressure barrels, so the effect of selecting 2121 dispensing valve will be better, which is the result of the combination of epoxy sealant dispensing machine and dispensing valve.
环氧密封条涂胶机 Spot foam adhesive can no longer be manually used, only equipped with the needs of the glue coating machine, can also be used in an automated way glue coating, epoxy sealing strip glue coating machine development, is to meet the requirements of point foam adhesive.

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