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330cc silica gel glass gel sleeve supporting silica gel spec

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Silicone sleeve is also a product type often used in dispensing industry. Aren't there many 330 ml silicone or glass glue in the market? Push dispensing is not uniform for accuracy control and can not achieve the desired dispensing effect. We developed a silica gel sleeve, which can be used with automatic dispensing machine or manual dispensing machine, and has a good effect for dispensing control.
Advantages of using silica gel sleeve
硅胶套筒 Silica gel sleeve is made of aluminium alloy. After anodic blackening, it has good anti-corrosion performance and can be used many times without sleeve problems. The advantage of using silica gel sleeve is that it can dispense gel without extrusion of silica gel or glass gel. For example, using 441 dispensing machine to coat the tracker of toy car, it will use silica gel, and the concentration of silica gel will not appear. There are some dense, general dispensing valves can not meet the demand, but now it is very convenient to use silica gel sleeve directly for dispensing task.
Using sleeve
双盖硅胶套筒 And the use of silica gel sleeve to replace glue is also a comparative method, just stop 441 dispensing machine, and then take out the silica gel sleeve, you can replace glue, do not need to re-adjust the location of the pilot glue, will not affect the effect of dispensing, but also can speed up the tracker of toy car glue coating and sealing, one stroke more, the use of suitable dispensing machine and dispensing accessories, is able to speed up production efficiency. Rate, if dispensing equipment is used in an unreasonable way, it is better to use manual dispensing method.
硅胶套筒 Silicone sleeve has two modes, one is double cover, the other is single cover. The function of double cover is more flexible. It can be lengthened or shorter. These are all possible, and can be unscrewed back and forth. For example, flexible, single cover can be fixed. Both have the same characteristics. Which kind of sleeve can meet the needs of production. Silicone sleeve is made in our dispensing machine factory. Home has a large number of production, if you need, you can buy directly from us, and toy car tracker glue or 441 dispensing machine, a variety of dispensing equipment.

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