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German imported high definition automatic intelligent visual

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Fully automatic intelligent vision system is also produced by our manufacturers of dispensing machines. Although we do not want to say that it has not reached the high-end of foreign countries, the fact is that the fully automatic intelligent vision system manufactured in Germany is far more precise than the vision system manufactured by us. It can achieve super-high precision visual dispensing effect, and can also detect product quality.
Advantages of Visual System
全自动xf881兴发手机版入口 The automatic visual dispensing machine is usually equipped with automatic intelligent vision system, which can realize automatic recognition function. Common types of automatic dispensing machine generally need dispensing debugging, while the visual system can directly identify the position of dispensing products, of course, it needs manual location identification, but it is the way of using computers, so it can be fast. The advantage of visual dispensing machine is that the speed circle needs dispensing position, and then dispensing can be carried out.
Dispensing control method
At present, there are many dispensing control modes. There are three most commonly used systems, namely, constant control system, full-time system and visual system. The former two control modes belong to the use of ordinary machines, because these two dispensing control modes can not achieve more detailed dispensing mode. No matter how fine the dispensing needle is, they can not meet the requirements. This requires advanced points. Glue dispensing technology, in combination with dispensing control mode, can meet the requirements, dispensing needle size can only change the size of dispensing.
xf881兴发手机版入口 Advantages of Fully Automatic Visual Click
Fully automatic visual dispensing machine is an advanced dispensing equipment in China. It not only can dispensing with assembly line, but also can satisfy the requirements of high-precision dispensing. It realizes automatic production, no longer needs manual feeding and unloading, and the quality of dispensing gum is stable. It relies on this fully automatic intelligent visual system, which is the core of visual dispensing machine. This is also the only vision. The dispensing control mode that dispensing machine can achieve.
Dimensions of dispensing needles and needles are also one of dispensing control modes. Automatic visual dispensing machine is equipped with two dispensing modes, one is jet dispensing valve, the other is common dispensing valve, which can meet various dispensing modes. This is also the function of visual dispensing machine and the performance of automatic intelligent visual system.

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