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Low Temperature Resistant Glue Conditions and Controllable D

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Low temperature resistant glue can meet the low temperature of - 100 camera degree, which is a technological breakthrough, and can carry out low temperature resistant glue coating and dispensing machine types, our manufacturers of dispensing machine produced several types, such as 441 dispensing machine, desktop dispensing machine, floor dispensing machine, etc., these types of machines can meet the requirements of low temperature resistant glue coating.
Travel of 441 dispenser
低温胶 441 dispensing machine belongs to a standard type of machine. The dispensing stroke is 400*400*100 mm. The product within 400 mm specifications can not be higher than 100 mm. Although there are some limitations in dispensing, it can be modified to meet the production needs of the glue dispensing machine. There are many types of low temperature resistant glue, and the most used is epoxy glue. The requirements of epoxy glue coating are not high. High, 441 dispenser with dispensing valve can meet its needs.
Advantages of using machine glue
耐低温双液胶 Epoxy resin coating can be used in some metal products, and the use of glue coating machine can also make some molds for fixing metal parts, which can prevent the dispensing process due to product movement and lead to uneven glue coating, which will affect the effect of glue coating. We also have a variety of requirements for low-temperature glue use, the effect of glue coating will also be improved, mainly we have the technology of refitting standard 411 dispensing machine, according to industry needs, dispensing accuracy, machine specifications, dispensing methods, etc., can be refitted.
Low temperature resistant glue
Low temperature resistant glue needs to be mixed with a variety of types of glue, because different glue mixtures can meet different low temperature environments, such as polyurethane synthesis, can meet the low temperature environment of -100 degrees, according to the requirements of low temperature environment, combined with the characteristics of glue to produce low temperature resistant glue, we will manufacture the corresponding glue machine according to these types of glue. And dispensing machine, the use of epoxy coating requirements are relatively low, the general 441 dispensing machine can be completed, if you need a high-precision dispensing machine, you can also find us oh, we have the production of visual dispensing machine technology.

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