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The development trend of semiconductor dispensing

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Semiconductor products in recent years, with the progress of science and technology and has been applied in various aspects, China will become a consumer of the semiconductor industry in the future, and the gap between demand and production continues to increase, mainly used in various industries in China are the semiconductor chip, in this trend of semiconductor industry production and demand will continue to improve then, have driven dispensing industry.
Dispensing of semiconductor chip package
The process of semiconductor manufacturing, dispensing is undoubtedly an important work necessary, through the dispensing can make the semiconductor chip get important quality improvement in the practical application, it is very important to the semiconductor industry, the semiconductor chip protection after dispensing, temperature and pressure resistant with corrosion impact ability, welding cracking will not occur subjected to impact, so the compressive and practicability will greatly enhance.
Double head automatic dispensing machine
Automatic dispensing machine is mainly used in semiconductor industry production and dispensing equipment, the automatic control system can implement various dispensing work, glue evenly without residue defects, ensure the consistency and accuracy of semiconductor products, through a unique automatic dispensing robot arm in multi axis seam dispensing, in addition to the chip package can fill in the bottom, after underfill dispensing semiconductor can completely attached to the PCB board, the practicability and firmness of the PCB board has been further improved.
Multi axis automatic dispensing machine
In the next ten years, with the continuous development of the semiconductor industry, dispensing industry will also be vigorously developed, there will be market demand, through the continuous improvement of dispensing technology and innovation, will appear more suitable for various sectors of the automatic dispensing equipment.

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