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Method of Controlling Glue Flow Velocity with Jet Dispenser

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The glue speed control is very important to the dispensing technology. According to the current dispensing requirements, the glue speed control requirements are stricter, and the dispensing equipment used is the same. There are two kinds of equipment which have better dispensing control effect. They are ground-based visual dispensing machine and jet dispensing machine, which can achieve 0.01 mm glue control volume.
Glue flow rate to meet the demand of dispensing on mobile phone screen
The screen seal of mobile phone can be applied to the floor visual dispensing machine and the piston dispensing syringe, which can dispense glue in small cracks without spilling glue or non-uniformity. This is due to the system of the floor visual dispensing machine, which can accurately locate the position and the error range is not more than 0.01mm, so it meets the requirements of the screen seal of mobile phone, and also the floor visual dispensing machine. The machine is also very in place for glue speed control, the same jet dispensing machine can meet such requirements.
The way of controlling glue flow velocity by jet valve
Jet dispensing machine also has a good glue flow rate control technology, because this dispensing machine uses jet dispensing valve, this glue valve has good sealing, because it uses jet dispensing method, uses air pressure intensity, sprays glue out, which can complete the dispensing task, so in the glue flow speed control, it is also particularly good, do not need to worry about uncontrollable. Flow rate, which results in uneven glue, are two kinds of machines used to control glue flow rate.
Dispensing fittings can control glue flow rate
There is also the use of fittings for glue speed control. Some need to use dispensing valves, some need to use piston dispensing syringes, different fittings will have different effects. Some have higher glue concentration, and need to use corresponding glue valves to solve the problem of glue speed control. Some need to use double-liquid glue, need to use double-liquid dispensing valves to meet the glue. Velocity control problems, such as glue used for mobile screen sealing, require piston dispensing syringe storage.
Ground vision dispensing machine and spray dispensing machine are very good for the control of glue flow speed. If you need other equipment or these two equipment, you can consult or customize in our middle-sized dispensing machine manufacturer. Not only can you configure dispensing accessories and moulds, but also can handle teaching, as well as lifelong maintenance service.

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