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Solder paste dispensing scheme of PCB board by automatic dis

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Solder paste dispensing scheme of PCB board by automatic dispensing machine
It is no longer a scarce thing to use automation equipment for solder paste dispensing of Pcb boards. Many manufacturers will choose automatic solder dispensing machine and automatic solder dispensing machine for combination dispensing, automatic solder dispensing machine for solder paste dispensing, automatic solder dispensing machine for soldering, can quickly complete the soldering function of PCB boards, can improve the production efficiency, the following is a short edition, it can be used for solder paste dispensing of PCB boards. Machine type.
Use Japanese dispensing syringe for glue storage
Solder paste has bulk solder paste, also has been used in Japanese dispensing syringe packed solder paste, in fact, many solder paste on the market are using this packaging method, this packaging method is more convenient and easy to use, directly installed in the automatic dispensing machine, can be dispensing, PCB board solder paste dispensing can use this way, can reduce filling glue time, direct replacement can be used. It's very convenient.
Two ways of dispensing solder paste
喷射式高速点胶机属于比较精度的机器,可以满足的点胶精度非常高,很多人都知道,现在pcb板集成度非常高的,是否能够满足锡膏点胶要求,主要看机器的性能,所以采用喷射式高速点胶机作为控胶机器,不仅在速度上满足了要求,而且精度更能够达到要求,这 It is the PBC solder paste dispensing technology brought about by the jet dispensing machine, which can combine the Japanese dispensing syringe with the jet valve.
The automatic dispensing machine belongs to a common dispensing equipment, which can satisfy the dispensing requirements of PCB board solder paste over the accuracy range of 0.1mm. The dispensing structure is relatively simple. For a three-axis dispensing machine, dispensing controller and Japanese dispensing syringe, there is no need for other accessories, and it can also dispensing PCB board solder paste. It is a very convenient machine, dispensing performance can be achieved in all aspects. To meet the demand of dispensing, both methods can meet the demand of dispensing.
Pcb board tin paste dispensing machine can choose automatic dispensing machine or jet high speed dispensing machine as production machine according to dispensing accuracy and speed requirements. If you need this machine, you can contact me. Telephone service hotline: 13924803389.

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