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How does the automatic dispensing machine complete glue fill

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Glue filling is a kind of technology that can be realized by automatic dispensing machine. In order to fix and not affect the appearance, some industries will leave gaps and fill glue to achieve the device of bonding and fixing, which will not affect the appearance, but also make the product firm. Glue filling is a very practical technology, which can be completed by using automatic dispensing machine.
Benefits of glue seals
胶水填缝 For example: mobile phone screen sealing, will use glue filling technology of automatic dispensing machine, glue filling can fix the internal parts of mobile phone, but also let it achieve heat dissipation and fall resistance, mobile phone often falls, internal parts do not appear displacement or breakage problems, that is glue filling plays a role.
According to the requirement of dispensing industry, different types of automatic dispensing machines can be selected. Different dispensing technologies can be realized with different machine types. The glue filling technology of 441 dispensing machine is different from that of visual dispensing machine. The latter has higher dispensing technology and more precise application industry, similar to screen sealing, chip fixing, circuit board dispensing and so on.
Machine satisfiable requirements
In order to meet the requirements of glue filling, it is necessary to have the function of controlling glue flow rate. The automatic dispensing machine needs to use the glue with fluidity, and also needs to control glue flow rate. For example, the screen seal of mobile phone is only a range or area needs to be glued. It is necessary to stop glue, and then dispensing to the next product, so the effect of glue control is to meet the requirements. 。
手机壳密封 The requirement of glue filling machine is not only the control of glue flow rate, but also the control of glue dispensing accuracy. The glue dispensing accuracy means the size of glue dispensing, similar to the screen seal of mobile phone, and the gap between filling slots is 1 mm. The 441 glue dispensing machine used needs to meet its requirements so as to meet better requirements, so the automatic glue dispensing machine can complete the glue dispensing. Water filling is to configure corresponding dispensing accessories according to requirements, in order to complete dispensing task.
441 dispensing machine belongs to the type of automatic dispensing machine. It has glue filling technology and glue speed control technology. It can meet the production demand in dispensing, glue coating and glue filling industries. The dispensing accuracy and control effect can be solved with good accessories. The better the matching of accessories, the higher the production cost will be.
4331点胶机 Parts affect the price of the product
Standard 441 dispensing machine, with dispensing needle, dispensing controller, gas pipeline and so on, needs the lowest price, and needs to be matched with precision dispensing valves, pressure barrels, touch screens, etc., the cost will gradually increase, but according to the technical requirements of glue filling, the corresponding automatic dispensing machine accessories, can solve the problem of glue filling, which is given by our system. Operating plan.

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