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Method of using dispensing syringe with automatic dispensing

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In the dispensing industry, the dispensing needle barrel is the simplest, there is not much need to pay attention to, knitting is simply about the use of various types of dispensing needle barrel, the current production of several dispensing needle barrels, respectively, stainless steel dispensing needle barrel, Japanese dispensing needle barrel, UV needle barrel, these three are often used needle barrel type.
日式点胶针筒 Japanese dispensing syringe
Japanese dispensing syringe is the most commonly used accessories of automatic dispensing machine and semi-automatic dispensing machine. It can store various types of glue, such as epoxy, black, silica, sealant, glass glue and so on. The method of use is very simple. The glue is directly squeezed into the Japanese dispensing syringe. Remember that the more desirable glue does not need to put the piston, and the less fluidity glue puts the piston. Then connect it to the automatic dispensing machine, and that's all.
Stainless steel dispensing syringe
不锈钢针筒 Stainless steel dispensing needle barrel is similar to Japanese dispensing needle barrel. The main difference is that stainless steel dispensing needle barrel uses high temperature glue. Stainless steel has high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. The use of stainless steel needle barrel is mainly in the collocation of glue. The use method is the same as that of Japanese dispensing needle barrel.
Uv dispensing syringe
This is a colored dispensing syringe, there are three colors, black, green and amber, mainly the dispensing syringe of UV glue, UV glue will appear solidification effect when it meets UV glue, so to prevent ultraviolet rays from directly irradiating inside the syringe, this is the main problem of using dispensing syringe, and then it can be used with automatic dispensing machine.
There are many ways to use Japanese dispensing syringe. For example, PCB paste dispensing uses jet high-speed dispensing machine. The glue is already installed in 30cc dispensing syringe. Then it can dispensing with jet high-speed dispensing machine for PCB plate dispensing, which is also one of the ways to use dispensing syringe.

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