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Automated machine for gluing toy car tracker with silica gel

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The main function of glue coating for toy car tracker is to put water to drink and seal. When the electronic parts encounter water, the internal parts will not work properly. Often after glue coating, water can be prevented from entering the tracker, which is no doubt not to improve the performance-price ratio of toy car. Generally, we use Kaft silica gel for coating. This glue has good waterproof function and adhesion.
441 point glue machine
玩具车追求其涂胶 It is recommended that you use the automatic dispensing machine to coat the tracker of the toy car. Correctly speaking, 441 dispensing machine, a standard dispensing equipment, can place five products at the same time. It can not only reduce the production time of replacement products, but also solve the problem of slow production. In fact, the use of 441 dispensing machine is very simple, as long as it is equipped with fixtures and silica gel sleeves, it can realize play. Vehicle tracker gluing task.
Advantages of using automatic machines for production
441点胶机 Because the production is very simple, the production cost is very low, a machine can top five to six people, and the production effect is good, the slow manual production, easy to lead to poor product coating, machine production has been the general trend, many industries are already using automated production mode, automatic dispensing machine is gradually welcomed by the market, because of the production technology now. More advanced, can complete the production effect of various industries, achieve faster production speed.
The function of silica gel sleeve
Silica gel sleeve is a special device for filling glue. The silica gel used in the tracker of toy car is the supporting glue, which kind of 330 ml glue is. If the glue is extruded, it will not only waste time, but also be difficult to be used for dispensing. Therefore, using silica gel sleeve, we can put the supporting silica gel in it, then coat it, reduce the power of extrusion, and improve the production speed. This is silica gel. The way of glue coating, if using bulk silica gel, can also meet the use requirements, replacing the silica gel sleeve with pressure barrel, can also directly store glue and dispensing.
We use 441 dispensing machine to coat the pursuer of toy car. The main reason is that the price is low and the demand for proper use is low. The colleagues who reduce the cost also improve the production efficiency. If you need other dispensing schemes, we can also complete the mid-made automatic dispensing machine. We can refit the automatic dispensing machine according to the industry requirements, so that it can achieve faster dispensing speed. And suitable production plan.

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