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A Glue Coating Technology for Mobile Phone Battery Cover of

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Battery cover glue is mainly used in the electronic industry, such as mobile phones, computers, toy cars and so on. Batteries need to be glued to ensure that the battery is not affected by external factors, and the glued batteries can also heat, to ensure long-term use without explosion and other issues.
手机电池盖涂胶 Requirements for the Use of Dual-liquid Glue
Double liquid dispensing valve and double carbon steel pressure barrel are equipped for double liquid dispensing machine according to the requirements of battery cover glue use. Because the glue used for injection is epoxy silicone rubber, which is a double liquid glue. When dispensing glue, two kinds of glue are mixed, so it is necessary to use double liquid dispensing valve. The two carbon steel pressure barrels store glue separately to prevent glue contact from solidification and electricity. These preconditions need to be done well before the product can be coated.
Technology of Adhesive Coating for Mobile Phone Battery Cover
In addition to the two-liquid mixing technology, there is also a high-precision dispensing technology to ensure that the glue does not spill or coat unevenly. Combining with the core dispensing technology of automatic dispensing machine, such as matching sensors and using long needle tube, glue comes out from dispensing valve, passes through the mixing tube, and then flows into the dispensing needle from the mixing tube. Precision will be greatly improved, this is our aim for cell phone battery cover glue, plus now the cell phone is basically one-piece, the battery heat dissipation effect to do particularly good.
Advantages of Carbon Steel Pressure Barrel
Carbon steel pressure barrel is made of steel with carbon molecule. Although it is more corrosion-resistant than stainless steel, its anti-corrosion effect is especially good. Epoxy resin silicone rubber is only weak acid glue. Carbon steel pressure barrel can save the cost of manufacturers and ensure the quality of products. Many of our automatic dispensing machines are equipped with carbon steel pressure barrel. The quality problem is not to worry about. Mobile phone battery cover coating technology, we have mastered very mature.
If you need a double-liquid glue-injecting machine for battery cover gluing, our automatic dispensing machine manufacturer can make a free video of cell phone battery gluing effect for you. After actual production, you can consider whether or not you need our products, which can guarantee the interests of the manufacturer. Welcome to call the service hotline: 13928403389.

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