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Products included in the application of three-axis automatic

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Battery industry is one of the most widely used industries of three-axis dispensing machine. It can use many types of automatic dispensing machine. It mainly depends on the requirements of glue and glue quantity and the size of batteries. It also needs the same specifications of pressure barrels. Large pressure barrels can store glue and share the types of automatic dispensing machine used in battery industry.
手机电池涂胶 Mobile phone battery
太阳能电池灌胶 Mobile phone battery glue coating, because of the small size of the battery, the demand for glue will certainly not be much, as long as the calculation of daily usage, configuration of a pressure barrel to meet the requirements of glue volume, and automatic dispensing machine selection is based on glue requirements and dispensing accuracy requirements, according to these requirements, an automatic spraying machine is configured, dispensing accuracy can reach 0.01 precision, while mobile phone dispensing accuracy can reach 0.01 precision. Single liquid thermal conductive silica gel can be used for battery coating, and automatic spraying machine can meet the needs of production. This is how the battery industry chooses an automatic dispensing machine.
Battery industry applications also include large batteries, battery glue filling requirements are very "huge", but also the use of dual-liquid glue, then the need to configure pressure barrel specifications is not a simple barrel, need to use two liters of carbon steel pressure barrels to store glue, and the machine can not use automatic spraying machine, but floor-mounted automatic dispensing machine to meet. Battery glue filling requirements, this is the battery industry applications.
Dongguan Medium-sized can produce all kinds of dispensing equipment, whether large batteries or small batteries, can meet the production needs. This is the strength of automatic dispensing machine. It can be equipped with automatic dispensing machine and dispensing accessories according to the requirements. The dispensing equipment used in battery industry has mature technology. Machines include automatic dispensing machine and floor dispensing machine. Machine, visual dispensing machine, etc. Pressure barrel type includes carbon steel pressure barrel, stainless steel pressure barrel, can be customized within 1 to 100 liters.
Sample battery industry applied to the core technology, our Dongguan automatic dispensing machine has its production technology, so it is very simple to meet this demand, but also in our factory to order a variety of carbon steel pressure drums or other accessories, in addition to making dispensing equipment, but also doing other dispensing accessories.

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