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Which kind of machine can be used for automatic gluing and b

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The technology of automatic gluing and bonding has been developed, and it is no longer the world of manual glue dispensing. Now all kinds of glue will be matched with various dispensing equipment. Hot melt glue has automatic hot melt glue dispensing machine, epoxy glue has epoxy glue dispensing machine, silica glue has silica glue dispensing machine. The corresponding machine can realize the corresponding glue coating, and then realize automatic gluing and bonding, which can be applied in various industries. Use.
Requirements for the use of hot melt adhesives
自动热熔胶机 The perfume bottles are dispensed with hot melt adhesive, and then heated according to the requirements of hot melt adhesive, so that the dispensing can be realized. On the automatic dispensing machine, the temperature heating device and the constant temperature system will be added. The hot-melt adhesive can be heated in advance, then the perfume bottle will be dispensed. At present, hot melt adhesive is basically used in this way, and the dispensing accessories are dispensed according to the characteristics of the glue, which is an automatic point. The glue machine is operated by conventional methods.
Two production modes of dispensing equipment
Now there are two types of automatic gluing methods: first, manual assistant production mode, second, automatic production. The first one is used more at present. After all, the cost of products is low and the usability is strong. However, the production rhythm may be slower than that of automatic gluing method. After all, there are still some differences in the price of machine type. The advantage of automatic production is that no manual work is needed. Production in 24 hours, joining the assembly line, reducing the number of processes, production speed.
热熔胶 Core accessories of hot melt dispenser
Both the temperature heating device and the constant temperature system are the core parts of the automatic hot melt adhesive machine. The main function of the temperature system is to increase the temperature of the dispensing valve and to heat the hot-melt adhesive, and the constant temperature system is to control the temperature after the glue is heated, so as to ensure that the glue reaches the melting point of the hot melt adhesive, prevent premature condensation of the dispensing glue in the perfume bottle, and automatically melt the glue machine in the raw. Parts necessary for production process. If you want to achieve automatic gluing and bonding, you need the corresponding automatic dispensing machine, which can achieve the production effect as scheduled.
热熔胶加热装置 The automatic gluing and bonding technology of automatic dispensing machine has blossomed in all walks of life, and now the production cost is high, it is difficult to survive in the market without increasing the production speed. Therefore, the machine production has become a new way out. Although the first cost is high, it only takes three months to return the cost, and the production of automatic dispensing machine is still comparatively advantageous.

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