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Application of automatic dispensing machine

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Automatic dispensing machine is the most prominent dispensing packaging industry a device, are used in most production industry, the most notable feature is the dispensing equipment through the automatic control system to achieve high quality precision dispensing work, does not require more than one operator can point glue, in recent years, the improvement of living standards in China made labor has no advantage, can help manufacturers save most of the cost of human resource, is essential for automated production equipment.
Floor type full automatic dispensing machine
In our country has long dominated the manual dispensing of various industrial production lines, long-term manual dispensing process will find the object after the dispensing effect is very poor, often due to partial alignment and glue affecting the normal use of bad products, causing incalculable damage to the manufacturer, this trend appears in the automatic dispensing machine is drive time. Automatic dispensing can help manufacturers to perform more high quality dispensing, dispensing precise contraposition and the path of uniform, humanized design is more convenient for operator to perform programming or dispensing and other related work, to perform multi axis dispensing mode through the flexible design, various irregular line points glue can be realized, and the vacuum suction function, can often prevent dispensing problems in the process of drawing such as leakage glue.
Two position automatic dispensing machine
Automatic dispensing machine is mainly used in the high repeatability of the production line, in the electronic industry application is more extensive, mobile production process need to screen dispensing, battery dispensing and key dispensing, optical electrical parts processing is also realized by automatic dispensing machine. In addition to the electronic industry is widely used in the lighting industry, the fluorescent powder of the lamp is automatically realized by automatic dispensing machine, so the use of lighting will depend on the effect of fluorescent powder dispensing.

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