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Tell you the correct way to connect the dispensing pressure

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Industrial pressure barrel connection is used, especially not for food use. Industrial pressure barrel connection, this problem is not complicated, you only need 10 minutes to learn.
Joining steps of industrial pressure barrel
Listen to the little editor let you out:
Step 1: Assemble the components of pressure gauge and exhaust valve and install them in the designated position of the cover.
Step 2: Pass the feeding pipe through the feeding nozzle, and then install the feeding nozzle at the finger position of the cylinder cover.
Step 3: Press the sealing ring into the groove of the drum cover.
不锈钢压力桶 Step 4: Twist the relief valve into the position of the bucket cover.
How to Connect Industrial Pressure Barrels
Pressure barrel connection is completed. Do you have less than 10 minutes of learning experience? Medium-sized automation professional customized industrial pressure barrel, accepting customized processing, welcome to inquire.

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