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What is the working principle of filling valve?

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In the glue machine system, the glue-filling valve plays a very important role. It is the last control port between the liquid (glue) and the product. The knowledge of the glue-filling valve will be introduced below.
灌胶阀 The filling valve is composed of a cylinder block, a valve body and a colloid upper and lower connection. The gas and colloid are separated by a diaphragm to prevent glue from seeping into the gas chamber. The valve in the colloid discharge body is fixed on the piston rod, and the valve switch can be used to open and close the glue. Especially the sealing structure of sealant adopts upper suction closure structure, so that the rubber plug can be pulled back at the same time to reduce the residual glue on the needle, so that the filling valve does not leak the drawing. The glue-coated valve body is anodized by aluminium alloy, the diaphragm is made of the latest tetrafluoroethylene material, the contact colloid is made of corrosion-resistant material, and the glue-filling valve is generally used with the glue-coater.
The working principle of the filling valve is as follows:
Working Principle: The compressed air is fed into the barrel and the glue is pressed into the feed pipe connected to the barrel. When the piston is on the upward journey, the piston chamber is filled with glue when the glue is pushed downward inside the glue filling valve to the dispensing needle. Glue is extruded from the needle tip, and the amount of glue dropping is determined by the distance under the piston, which can be adjusted manually.

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