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Advantages and characteristics of fully automatic silica gel

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The process of manual gluing is relatively complex. The traditional manual gluing can not make every gluing product achieve consistency. The precision of gluing is not enough. The quality of the process decreases. The emergence of automatic gluing equipment has gradually been recognized in industry. Talking about the equipment of Shenzhen gluing machine, people think of the neutral automatic equipment, which can be used for automation. Silica gel dispensing equipment for chemical coating.
330cc support glue dispensing
硅胶涂胶机 The single-head and double-position silica gel dispenser manufactured in China is assembled with 300ML silica gel sleeve. It can use the supported silica gel water to coat with the supported silica gel. It can be used for bonding various handicraft products, filling plastic toys or model design bonding. The machine supports linear/arc/circular glue dispensing requirements and can complete high-precision dispensing. Task, with high quality handicraft dispensing.
Single-head and double-head silica gel coating equipment has the following characteristics:
Silicone gelling machine has high precision gelling effect. It improves the traditional manual gelling process and improves the quality of the process. Although it is called silica gel gelling machine, it can be used for gelling and dispensing of various fluids. Specific application requirements of glue coating can be adjusted by technicians.
Automatic silica gel machine has a high degree of automation, just press the button can effectively reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency.
Neutral automatic dispensing machine supports dispensing mode of bonding/coating/sealing/dripping/irregular coating during product processing. It is a high-quality silica gel coating equipment.

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