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What are the characteristics of desktop double-liquid dispen

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Dual-liquid dispensing machine, also known as AB dispensing machine, double-liquid dispensing machine, double-component dispensing machine and AB double-liquid dispensing machine, etc., professionals have different names for this equipment. In a word, it is a special machine for two-component dispensing and glue filling. The obvious difference between double-liquid dispensing machine and single-liquid dispensing machine is that two kinds of glue are mixed. A single liquid dispensing requires only one fluid. Besides the mixing of single and double liquids, what are the characteristics of double liquids glue filling machine?
1. Proportion of various glue
Shenzhen Medium-sized Automation Equipment Manufacturer has rich experience in fluid control and equipment production. We independently developed and produced a double-liquid glue filling machine to meet the requirements of automatic glue mixing, such as 1:1, 2:1, 3:1, 5:1 and 10:1.
2. Static Stirring Tube
AB double-liquid glue-filling machine mixes automatically under automatic driving, mixing static mixing pipe and machine and continuously gluing. The proportion is accurate, clean and safe.
3. Double-barrel design for easy cleaning
双液点胶机 xf881兴发官网 AB glue filling machine designed two barrels, glue is automatically mixed by the machine. Since AB barrels are separated and glue is pumped into the filling valve, there is no need to worry that glue will solidify in the pressure barrel.
4. Design of automatic backdraft function
In order to better control the amount of glue and improve the fine dispensing technology, the medium-sized double-liquid dispensing machine adopts high-quality dispensing configuration and high-sensitivity vacuum suction adjustment function device, which can avoid the problems of glue wire drawing and drip leakage.

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