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What is the working principle of the visual automatic dispen

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The principle of visual floor type automatic dispensing machine can use is the same, because the dispensing machine is a large equipment and accessories can be installed more, so to illustrate the working principle of the parts, can only explain about some of the more important parts, which can be in favor of understanding or knowledge of vision automatic dispensing machine.
A dispensing valve accessories in general, guide, software use, dispensing machine using visual function, automatic dispensing machine accessories too much to be learned, but to above this important parts, to understand the visual automatic dispensing machine, dispensing valve is an important part of why? Because the dispensing valve is to control the glue flow and breaking glue, the dispensing quality is controlled by it.
The principle of the dispensing valve is to squeeze the piston by air pressure to push the glue into the dispensing valve, and then use the electric power to control the opening and closing of the valve, which is the working principle of the dispensing valve. The principle of the dispensing valve of the visual automatic dispensing machine is relatively simple, and the control process is also relatively easy.
More difficult is the visual part of the whole automatic dispensing machine working principle, because of the need to control many things, so complicated, so there will be some difficulty in understanding, a brief description of the overall principle of visual automatic dispensing machine, operating procedures written in PLC, in the EEG processing system into mechanical arm command language to move to the dispensing position, then control the glue dispensing valve, and then set the gel time, then ordered the dispensing valve suction glue, the cycle can be produced.
The use of visual automatic dispensing machine requires an understanding of the accessories, such as production is still relatively large, in the days after the repair, can play a lot of role.

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