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Automatic dispensing machine process introduction

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The automation technology with the actual demand is growing, the efficiency of manual dispensing is poor, low accuracy, inconvenient operation due to its practicality is very low, and the emergence of automatic dispensing machine directly out of the traditional manual dispensing, dispensing can execute more complex dispensing work, to perform more bulk dispensing work, guarantee the market demand of high precision etc..
Single station automatic dispensing machine
Automatic dispensing machine belongs to a new type of dispensing equipment, different from the ordinary dispensing machine is automatic dispensing machine using automatic control system to realize the dispensing work, the object path after dispensing coating uniformity, strong bonding effect and is not easy to appear off the welding crack problem, the rate of bad production link is greatly reduced and save production cost for manufacturers, is the production of auxiliary equipment of a very high practicability.
Automatic dispensing machine with single station packaging
Before dispensing, automatic dispensing machine will carry on the object alignment detection work, the system detection can make dispensing more accurate, more effective, can improve the production process of production capacity and good yield. The commissioning work is a very important step, through debugging to set the best working parameters, so that the automatic dispensing function in the best state of dispensing work, so that more convenient for operators to implement dispensing work.
Single station full automatic dispensing machine
Automatic dispensing machine has added new vitality and development opportunities for the entire dispensing industry, dispensing operation personnel and automatic dispensing machine to realize linkage operation can execute more diverse, through the unique programming teaching box can work in dispensing different requirements, such as round, square or irregular dispensing path can so, the application field is very wide, like the LED lamp or the electronic chip industry production cannot do without the support of automatic dispensing machine.

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