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Which is the best glue dispensing technology for circuit boa

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  In fact, the dispensing technology of circuit board mainly depends on what kind of machine the manufacturer can produce. The more high-end machines are produced, the better dispensing technology can be achieved. The machine that we can produce in China is full-automatic visual dispensing machine, which can realize the dispensing function of automatic production line. According to the core technology of current production, it can basically meet the existing technical requirements of circuit board dispensing, and can achieve 0.03mm high Precision dispensing process.

  Dispensing effect of desktop automatic dispensing machine

  It is recommended that you have a medium-sized automatic dispensing machine. The minimum dispensing accuracy range is 0.08mm to 0.1mm. It can spot solder paste, which is a high viscosity glue with high stability and simple debugging. In general, you can use a lot of tabletop dispensing machines, combined with plunger type dispensing valve and equipped with precision dispensing needle head, which can control dispensing accuracy within a reasonable range. The requirement for glue viscosity is not high, which is 30000 yuan The following viscosities can be used.

  Solder paste

  The requirement of solder paste dispensing technology is not high. The main relationship is whether the plunger type dispensing valve can meet the requirement of using high viscosity glue. According to the demand technology of solder paste, we have configured desktop type dispensing machine and plunger type dispensing valve to apply to the circuit board dispensing, which can not only solve the problem of glue viscosity, but also meet the accuracy requirements of the circuit board, plus the cost of this automatic dispensing machine It is not high, so as to meet the three in one requirements of the manufacturer, product and technology, match an automatic dispensing machine that meets the requirements, and require the manufacturer to make a detailed communication. Because the manufacturer has different dispensing technologies for any kind of your product requirements, it is necessary to tell the manufacturer the requirements, otherwise it is difficult to recommend the machine, and it can only be recommended based on its own experience, directly speaking, you should point to the solder paste, the dispensing width is between 0.1 ~ 0.2mm, the factory You can have the machine at home.
  There are many dispensing equipment that can be used for circuit board dispensing, from semi-automatic dispensing machine to visual dispensing machine. It can be seen that the manufacturer's requirements for dispensing accuracy, speed and quality are higher. The higher the dispensing machine technology is, the only three steps are needed to spot solder paste on the circuit board. Install electrical components, place them on the working platform of desktop dispensing machine, and move the machine for dispensing.

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