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Characteristics and working principle of automatic glue disp

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Application of automatic dispensing machine is very wide, can be applied to the dispensing equipment both in production line of small electronic items or large production lines, mainly for the packaging or adhesive docking, can make more durable dispensing object value, is the main effect of automatic glue machine to perform dispensing work very well below small by some information about this outline characteristics and working principle of dispensing equipment.
The working principle of the automatic dispensing machine is similar to that of the ordinary dispensing machine. First, stable air pressure is provided through a stable air compressor, then the air pressure is extruded to the dispensing valve. After relevant treatment, the glue is sent to the tip part of the dispensing needle to achieve the targeted dispensing. The automatic control system is an important reason for the implementation of precision dispensing dispensing function, automatic control system can accurately measure the relevant attributes of objects in the work of the dispensing and execution for dispensing accuracy, can perform long-term dispensing work without easy to reduce the measurement accuracy, can be put into use in the industry very much.
The coating path after the dispensing machine is uniform and unbiased, the docking effect is good, no glue leakage and partial glue will be lost, and the practicality and appearance of the objects will be improved. After LED tube after dispensing complete substrate and bonded together, under the long-term working performance can keep the most effective, while the chip after automatic dispensing machine after the package has better effect, with erosion situation is not easy to appear during long-term work, and is conducive to the implementation of chip signal transmission, in the use of more complete and effective, and have certain impact resistant ability, as long as they do not have a strong impact to ensure the normal work. xf881娱乐手机版

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