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Working principle of double component automatic glue dispens

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A two-component automatic dispensing machine belongs to a special dispensing equipment, with two barrels to two different supply pressure of a fluid dispensing equipment fusion, two-component glue adhesive glue is better than the general effect more firmly, so the two-component glue is generally applied to the chip package is more important, and can perform irregular path underfill work.
The working principle of this machine is to point glue dispensing delivery valve through the pressure bucket glue after fusion, and then through the air pressure device will be transported to the glue dispensing position of the target, which is roughly the principle steps of dispensing, wherein the controller is an important tool to achieve precise control of the dispensing, the operator can at any time by modifying the parameters related to the dispensing work dispensing controller. Some chips need to be applied to the bottom filling and dispensing. The two component automatic dispensing machine can achieve various irregular path dispensing work through multi axis linkage dispensing machine arm, ensure the integrity and practicability of the dispensing items, and the value of finished products will be further improved after dispensing.
The object of practicality and durability after dispensing than without dispensing more practical advantages, because the two-component glue viscosity is very high, so the dispensing technology requirements are more demanding, through the automatic dispensing control system can adjust the properties of glue, glue viscosity is too high when will reduce the viscosity on heating glue, and vice versa if the viscosity is unable to perform work when dispensing increased temperature to strengthen the cohesive glue.
Two component automatic dispensing machine, also known as AB automatic dispensing machine, is applied to the packaging and bonding equipment both in the field of chip production and in the field of large material production.

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