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Strengthen the technological innovation of automatic glue di

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Part of the package is an important work in IC industry chain, through the packaging work can make use of the effect and durability of finished products is more prominent, can be said to improve the packaging work can help to improve the quality of integrated circuit manufacturers and sales, before the automatic glue packaging technology was not introduced, integrated circuit design and production are the work package through manual dispensing, which exposed more and more obvious shortcomings.
Manual dispensing is a traditional packaging technology, this is a package mode by the market demand of China's manufacturing industry in the use of before entering the modern production is the work mode, in the long-term work in the process often appear all sorts of problems, not uniform, dispensing glue dispensing instability and uncertainty problems often arise, because the work manual dispensing can not guarantee the stability, so often appear all sorts of defects in the integrated circuit package work.
With the times and constantly promote the development, all kinds of advanced dispensing technology began to introduce our work, dispensing automatic dispensing technology can help manufacturers achieve stable high quality, no matter how high repetitive dispensing can be carried out, irregular seam dispensing can achieve through the automatic dispensing machine perfect automatic dispensing machine configuration operation teaching the box can be conveniently operated personnel modify programming and related parameters, is an important work of the implementation of dispensing accessories.
Technology innovation revolution automatic dispensing machine is very important, mainly in the two aspects of the production efficiency and the work precision strong investment innovation, market demand may not always be immutable and frozen, status only continuous innovation to inject fresh blood to break the packaging industry chain is not balanced.

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