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The advantages of a micro automatic glue dispenser for the m

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Trace automatic dispensing machine belongs to a new dispensing equipment, can perform micro dispensing is a major advantage of it have, whether it is used in seam filling dispensing or irregular dispensing can cope with ease, and dispensing efficiency is very high, widely used in clothing production work, it has the advantage of direct cover the manual dispensing machine scenery, because manual dispensing machine before manufacturing is a commonly used micro dispensing equipment, automatic dispensing and manual dispensing machine compared to what advantage?
Trace automatic dispensing machine is the realization of automatic dispensing work is not high on the human operation needs, can help manufacturers save most of the labor cost, and through the automatic mode can perform high precision dispensing and more efficient bulk dispensing mode, which is manual dispensing does not have a competitive advantage. The dispensing quantity of manual dispensing machine can not be accurately controlled, and the problem of overflow is easy to occur. It is not only bad for the exact docking of objects, but also affects the external aesthetics of dispensing objects. The automatic dispensing machine can accurately control the amount of glue through the micro control system.
Now the main application of the manual dispensing area is the rework link, because manual dispensing machine is based on ergonomic design, so in terms of control and use or manual dispensing machine is easier to operate, and realize automatic dispensing machine or operating system micro dispensing mainly depends on the operating personnel can not follow real-time thinking done rework dispensing in rework process, this is by far the defect automatic dispensing machine exists.
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