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The smart principle should be followed for the efficient ope

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The principle of Smart is by the father of American management Bideteluke is proposed, which is derived from the long-term management practice in the industrial production of the conclusion, follow this principle in the process of staff assessment to ensure the accuracy and fairness of the appraisal. In recent years, the automatic glue dispenser has been in the field of industrial production, and the manufacturers should follow this principle to achieve efficient operation.
At the present stage of automatic dispensing machine is divided into desktop is divided into floor type, automatic dispensing machine to create a floor type structure than the desktop more complete functions more perfect, but also in the price and the area is relatively high, a large platform provides batch continuous automatic dispensing can work stably, and durable good performance, is widely applied in some high repeated production line. The production link is more complex than the desktop automatic glue dispenser, which is a challenge for the manufacturers.
The so-called smart principle is composed of five important principles, such as target specific, target measurable, goal realization, goal reality, definite deadline and so on. Specific meaning is concrete work index, when dispensing machine production personnel equipment R & D production to have clear guidelines for their future goals, measurable reflected in the total production volume, the purpose can be realized in order to avoid the target set too high to production staff with the serious, need to consider the manufacturer. Objective reality is an important work to judge the quality of work manager through quality evaluation work of quality inspection work, a clear deadline in order to achieve the goal in the simple deadline only, can follow this principle and controlling the operation actually not what big difference.

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