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How to maintain the floor automatic glue dispenser

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Maintenance is one of the important methods of floor type automatic dispensing machine protection, can increase the usage time of equipment, but also reduce the production process problems, because the enterprise after used for a period of time, there will be some impurities accumulation, this will hinder the formation of the dispensing machine operation, so every time are needed to maintain to ensure the smooth floor type automatic dispensing machine operation.
Maintenance is not in place. There will be some problems, but there is a certain method to do maintenance, can not be casually called some cleaning and maintenance, the maintenance is not comprehensive enough, there is the hidden problems, these problems are more important than other problems, if these problems are likely to fall, automatic dispensing may not change the damage caused by machine.
The floor type automatic dispenser maintenance can be divided into four ways, starting from the beginning to the end of maintenance, so that a position is not left, so that we can fully protect the automatic dispensing machine.
The first is to clean the glue. During the process of changing the glue, we need to clean the rubber cylinder and the hose once. The remaining glue will not mix with the new glue, and the properties of the glue will not change.
The second one is the rubber hose entering the air and mixing with the glue to form bubbles. This will cause the problem of uneven glue. It is necessary to install filters in the hose and test whether the hose is waiting for the air to enter. If we need to evacuate the air by vacuum pumping way,
The third way is to clean up the glue left on the floor automatic dispensing machine. The glue has certain corrosion effect. If the time is too long, the substrate will be corroded and appear uneven. It will not only affect the dispensing effect, but also affect the service life of dispenser.
These maintenance are all must be done, for the floor type automatic glue machine is very harmful.

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