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Requirements for the packaging environment of a large visual

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Visual automatic dispensing machine is generally large dispensing equipment, dispensing with many large dispensing mode, many industries are capable of dispensing, particularly in the electronics industry and the mobile phone industry, these industries are the need to use the packaging technology, packaging technology dispensing are especially important, of course, not only the packaging technology can also, need to have requirements for packaging environment.
In addition to packaging technology can affect the visual effect of the dispensing machine, the environment can also affect the dispensing operation, the environment is not directly to the dispensing machine, but the effect on the glue, glue can affect the properties, thus unable to make glue dispensing machine, also need to have technology with the environment to be able to dispense.
The general environment is temperature and humidity for dispensing machine, the two is the main reason to make the dispensing large visual automatic dispensing machine as long as the change of these two factors, today's technology can change the reality of the environmental temperature, but the cost is high, you can choose some suitable methods to solve the environmental impact on the visual automatic dispensing machine package.
Methods to solve the environmental problems there are still many large enterprises, generally is to control the temperature of the central air-conditioning, but some small businesses can not use this method, you can use some auxiliary equipment to control, may effect is not too good, the impact can be reduced to the low.
The use of visual automatic dispensing machine as long as the temperature controlled at 10 degrees ~40 degrees, this is a suitable temperature range of dispensing machine, the relative humidity control about forty percent, can ensure that the dispenser is not affected by the environment, but this is the work environment clean degree, these factors also affect the visual automatic dispensing machine the effect of the package.

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