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Introduction of floor automatic glue dispenser

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Floor type automatic dispensing machine is the introduction of the general introduction of dispensing technology and accessories, to introduce from the beginning, which has a lot to learn, like the use of accessories such as dispensing, dispensing system, the need to understand a lot of things, dispensing valve are used with many types, and a floor type automatic dispensing machine accessories not so little, so there are a lot of places are worth knowing.
The dispenser is worth knowing is the control system, not only relates to the dispensing operation, but also relates to dispensing, control system is the most important place, so if you want to know, the landing control system of automatic dispensing machine is composed of PLC programming system, computer system and visual system, these are the control system the main use of PLC, control the whole dispensing operation, the computer is the transmission of data, visual monitoring and positioning, is a clear division of labor.
The above system is the main system to achieve automation, but requires a combination of fragments to achieve the whole floor type automatic dispensing machine operation, general motor parts system, operation system, control rod system, these are the main auxiliary parts, after PLC software operation, the command from the computer to the control rod transmission system, and then the whole operation system began operation.
Floor type automatic dispensing machine is that these systems and accessories can drive, which is important for coordination and system, need to pay more attention to these issues in the selection process, not be able to choose the cheaper stuff installed, otherwise the consequences will be more serious. The things used by the glue machine are better and the production is easier, so it will have more advantages for the enterprise.

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