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The development prospect of Longmen automatic glue dispenser

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Longmen type automatic dispensing machine is the domestic self-developed equipment without the use of dispensing technology abroad, truly domestic dispensing machine, this research has proved that the domestic dispenser dispensing machine has entered a new step, in fact, this is mainly a dispenser dispensing machine according to the needs of the domestic market development the possible with the domestic dispensing is a little different, so we need to start from the analysis of the domestic market of the dispensing.
Because the dispensing machine meets the demands of the market can only be used in rubber industry, so the Longmen type automatic dispensing machine to in the international market development needs to meet the requirements of the dispensing industry so that Longmen, click have development space, this is a very difficult task, the technology market is generally better than foreign dispensing machine domestic technology is good, so people choose this dispenser is needed with more strength.
If we want to develop in an industry, we need to know about which industry, so that we can make demand dispensing equipment, so that Longmen international dispensing machine will have development opportunities in the international market. Foreign market is mostly automotive parts production, industry is relatively single, industry competition will be more, these requirements for dispensing machine is also gradually increasing, which is not conducive to the development of Longmen automatic dispensing machine international market.
Longmen type automatic dispensing machine is in line with the requirements of domestic production, but not necessarily be able to get in line with the domestic and foreign production needs, the production environment of domestic production environment even worse, the development of the dispensing machine in the international market is not good, do not blindly pursue on the international market, because the market is bigger, the competition will be greater so, you can identify the direction of production.

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