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Technology introduction of spray type automatic glue dispens

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The injection valve is now the most popular on the market a parts, used in automatic dispensing machine can play a qualitative leap, is the milepost of a new generation of dispensing technology is a new technology, automatic dispensing machine, the production cost is relatively high, and now many companies are using contact type automatic dispensing machine, but the future is jet automatic dispensing machine, there are many large enterprises are using jet automatic dispensing machine as the main tool of production.
Jet refers to no exposure to the dispensing position can complete dispensing, use injection valve as automatic dispensing valve, it also requires the use of other auxiliary parts dispensing machine, so as to complete the task of automatic dispensing machine, glue machine is generally not detected, so need to be able to touch the product dispenser, you can't make the dispensing machine.
Automatic dispensing machine using the injection valve also need to install the infrared positioning device, when the injection valve was exposed to the product, after determining the infrared dispenser to a suitable location, is to stop jet automatic dispensing machine operation, can be directly used for dispensing, these are jet type automatic dispensing machine dispensing process.
The use of such technology is there are many benefits, first, no previous leakage glue dispensing machine and wire drawing, second, do not scratch the dispensing products, third, jet type automatic dispensing machine production speed is faster in the other, dispensing quality, dispensing velocity, dispensing problems, than dispensing machine the other kind is good, so the price is relatively expensive dispensing machine.
Jet automatic dispensing machine is a device worth buying, especially for the production of mobile phones, electronics and chips, because this dispensing machine has obvious advantages in dispensing or speed.

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