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Market application of double liquid automatic glue dispenser

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AB glue is a common glue in industrial production, the special glue reaction can produce more firm and more practical by the catalyst of a glue and B glue barrel barrel, so the market application widely and common dispensing machine general may not be able to use the glue dispensing work performed by double. Liquid automatic dispensing machine dedicated to put into use in the normal work.
Double liquid automatic dispensing machine has two adhesive inlet, a barrel of a into glue, another B barrels into the glue, after adjustment of the system after the two will also produce a more powerful fusion adhesion effect, manual mixing instability causes AB glue bubbles due to uneven stirring, making a bonding strength is low, through the automatic mixing system of double liquid automatic dispensing machine unique glue mixing more perfect, more conducive to the implementation of the work of AB glue dispensing, generally used in gap filling, but not commonly used in surface bonding object.
Characteristics of AB glue determines the application of double liquid automatic dispensing machine in the market, mainly the implementation of the bottom seam filling more, generally at the bottom of the dispensing work is very difficult, where the irregular path is easy to make the dispensing path deviation from the bad product, this point glue machine through the automatic dispensing control system unique to the implementation of different underfill, multi axis dispensing can well solve the difficult problem of irregular parts dispensing, dispensing machines generally cannot be executed without underfill work rules.
The two liquid automatic dispensing machine has a large area and wide working platform. It can carry out regular batch dispensing work at the same time, ensure the stability and consistency of dispensing work, and will not affect the normal use effect of finished products, and its practicability is more obvious.

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