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The channel crisis of Longmen type automatic glue dispenser

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After ten years of development of the dispensing machine market, has entered a bottleneck area, sales slowly into the weak, this is an inevitable result, because the market has reached the full state, so it is normal to reduce the sales results, while the Longmen type automatic dispensing machine is in the present situation, may be more than small automatic dispensing machine of some problems.
Longmen automatic dispensing machine is a large dispensing equipment, which is suitable for products produced by single parts. Compared with other dispensing equipments, it is relatively backward in the industry, which means that we need to find new technological outlets to solve the channel problems faced by enterprises.
The traditional Longmen style automatic is the production of some low-end products, long production time, corporate profits are not high, have reduced purchases of this dispenser, in a new generation of dispensing machine is needed to overcome these problems, or Longmen type automatic dispensing machine does not have the market, actually can be adapted to dispensing face and high-end manufacturing industry. Instead of mass production industry.
Now the standard of living has gradually improved, some people began to pursue a more high-end life experience, so the price of high-end products is several times higher than ordinary products, Longmen type automatic dispensing machine can be produced according to this requirement, the production of high-end products, long production cycle, meet Longmen dispensing machine production mode.
Choose the correct direction of production, not only the channel of crisis, but also bring good profits, does not need to follow the mass forward, need to find the direction of production of Longmen type automatic dispensing machine suitable for dispensing machine, this performance than ordinary automatic dispensing confidential, so in the high end production line with other dispensing machine with many advantages.

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