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Application of cabinet type visual automatic glue dispenser

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Automatic dispensing machine is the earliest a dispensing equipment, dispensing machine mostly has it will create a lot of different basic dispensing equipment, such as: high speed dispensing machine, circular dispensing machine, LED dispenser, dispensing machine, glue machine vision cabinet, which is capable of dispensing automated production equipment can they, are not the same, because the performance is a little different, so the use of the industry a lot of the poor.
Cabinet vision automatic dispensing machine can be used in the industry application than other small dispensing machine is more, it is decided to use the production technology and accessories, such as high speed dispensing machine cannot use visual system, manufacturing technology is high, the industry is more, so the industry will use.
Cabinet vision dispensing machine precision and production speed is known, are generally used for electronic products and notebook production, the electronics industry is the most used place, now because of the shape of the electronic product, in the production process can replace the dispensing mode using different visual system.
The use of visual system has the advantage of automatically positioning, automatic dispensing machine using three axis manipulator for the production, use of Z axis easy problems, and the vision system can automatically locate the dispensing, if other dispensing problems arise, the reason is that the electronics industry use cabinet vision automatic dispensing machine production.
Cabinet vision automatic dispensing machine application industry are high precision, is quite consistent with the use of equipment, dispensing machine is generally can production, but no visual dispensing effect is good, use some good dispensing cabinet may cost more, will allow enterprises to accumulate good reputation, is conducive to the future the development of.

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