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Advantages of automatic glue dispenser for power supply

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Power supply automatic dispensing machine with the general automatic dispensing machine is different, because the dispensing machine is generally use air pressure to control the flow and dispensing glue dispensing machine, automatic dispensing machine is used for power supply of the main power output, in this regard with other automatic dispensing machine is different, but also so the parts used change, there are also some changes in the function.
Where can we analyze the difference between air pressure and power dispensing machine? What's the difference between them? This way, when choosing automatic dispensing machine, we can analyze which dispensers are the most suitable industries for production.
First understand the advantages and disadvantages of pneumatic automatic dispensing machine, the advantages of using air pressure can reduce the enterprise cost, can control the glue and glue dispensing suction in hand, don't worry about glue into the air, the accuracy of shortcomings is more general, can be used in some plastic precision industry, the production speed is slow, and the advantages of power automatic dispensing machine is of high precision, fast production, can be applied to many industries, not easy to glue, disadvantage is easy to enter the air hose.
The comparison between the two can be well observed advantages and disadvantages of two kinds of automatic dispensing machine, can according to these data to select the most appropriate dispensing equipment, dispensing machines of different parts, the price is not the same, so you can choose the best according to the characteristics of dispensing equipment, do not waste.
Power supply automatic dispensing machine is frequently used in the market, because many are the electronics industry and the mobile phone industry, dispensing the use of these precision requirements with high degree of industry, other industries are relatively small, so most of them are chosen as the main power source automatic dispensing machine dispensing machine.

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