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The method of controlling and debugging the output of the fl

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Floor type automatic dispensing machine with dispensing technology mature, many dispensing machine are automatic dispensing machine as the basis to build, so the floor type automatic dispensing machine has a dispensing mode, basic can be applied in all industries dispensing, but many enterprises do not know the floor type glue dispensing machine debugging method, glue glue is the most vulnerable to the impact, we need to glue and glue dispensing before debugging in the environment.
There are several glue machine debugging mode, each method has a certain relevance, which caused a gum problems can be solved, such as: automatic dispensing machine leakage glue, can use the method to adjust the dispensing valve and trachea, using this method can effectively reduce the debugging time.
There are many ways to debug, in addition to the above one, there are two kinds of good debugging mode, system and regulation of glue glue, two methods is the use of two kinds of automatic dispensing machine debugging way up, the system need glue at the beginning to do experiments, while doing programming, control of dispensing valve glue and glue dispensing time, calculate the best way, because the floor type dispenser is a large dispensing equipment is the use of automatic control valve to adjust the glue.
Control of the adhesive time also belongs to the range of system control, floor type automatic dispensing machine can control system from the glue can be controlled in time, dispensing accessories, pressure control glue machine can glue, can debug the glue volume using these methods.
Automatic dispensing machine in glue control technology has been very mature, but in the process also needs to be carried out according to the instructions, or even mature technology will also appear dispensing errors, so I want to get good products from the operation start, automatic dispensing machine seriously this will be a good product.

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