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Why Longmen type automatic glue dispenser leaks

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Longmen automatic dispensing machine leakage problem of rubber will have reason more, according to the actual situation of the dispensing machine is because of what problems caused by the leakage of glue, glue dispensing machine actually leakage problem mostly will appear, already is a common problem, so to solve this problem there will be more of the method. The production efficiency of Longmen type automatic dispensing machine will not influence.
As an independent production equipment, it has a better understanding of the parts or systems, and has a good help to solve the leakage of rubber. First of all, we need to know the reasons for the leakage of glue in the Longmen type glue dispenser so as to be able to use the corresponding solution.
Longmen type automatic glue dispenser usually has two reasons for leakage, one is the influence of needles and the other is the effect of glue. The needle, in the dispensing process, Longmen pneumatic automatic dispensing machine using suction glue, due to the use of the needle is too small to pressure to form a pressure state, the relative, glue is not under pressure, the dispensing needle outflow, such leakage problems arise. The influence of glue is that the concentration is too low, the flow speed is too fast, and the strength of the back absorption is insufficient, so the problem of leakage of glue appears.
In fact, the two problems of Longmen automatic dispensing machine are good solutions. The problem of glue leakage introduced by the needle can replace the large one needle, so that the back suction glue can not form a back pressure state. The effect of glue will require a high concentration of glue to blend, and the low concentration of glue can be reconciled to solve such a problem.
The two problem is easier to solve, but it can't belittle this problem. Otherwise, there may be more problems at the end. Every day, the maintenance of Longmen automatic dispensing machine is the key to ensure that there will be no problems.

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