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What is the application industry of non-contact adhesive mac

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Contact dispensing non-contact dispensing machine has more advantages compared with the traditional performance, glue coating area wide and stable, suitable for various properties of fluid dispensing, non-contact dispensing in our country has a very practical value, then the domestic non-contact dispensing application industry?
To meet the needs of production by mixed non-contact dispensing machine integrated circuit, hybrid ceramic substrate in integrated circuits by glue to strengthen the effect of all kinds of ceramic substrate support spray work, glue can comprehensively coated on the surface of the substrate, the adhesive strength and the quantity of cement can be controlled by the controller to enhance the performance of the ceramic substrate, and the use value, the hybrid integrated circuit has a more broad range of applications.
The non-contact dispensing machine work to ensure the high quality and high efficiency, in the normal usage before the first to ensure that no foreign body surface dust, if there should be timely treatment, after spraying after the object is very uniform, and accelerate the curing speed of glue, fluid can be used with different properties of glue, through the automatic working mode can improve the dispensing efficiency, dispensing work can be applied to various high demand, high efficiency, high performance and intelligent spray characteristics etc..
High precision non-contact jet dispensing equipment dispenser belongs to a high precision and high strength, the scope of application of high precision jet dispensing machine is very wide, in addition to the surface of the package manufacturing industry also needs a variety of external coating applied to the spraying process, high efficiency and high precision will become an important manufacturing industry indispensable.

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