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What parts of the current dispenser control system consist o

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In recent years, due to vigorously support the industrial production demand coupled with the government, the dispensing machine is more widely used, but because of the introduction of dispensing time late, so for dispensing of this equipment is also confined to the part of the people to understand, for example: Online jet dispensing machine, especially in the dispensing machine is an important part of the control system, the understanding of the people is even fewer, so many users in the operation of the dispenser, due to insufficient understanding, it often causes many problems. Following on from the system of small make up to introduce the user station control system are dispensing machine there are those parts?
The general dispensing machine control system is made up of 5 motor control axes. This configuration can support Longmen type three axis, three axis + rotary axis, three axis +2Y axis, three axis +2Y axis + rotary shaft automatic dispensing control, basically meet the existing dispensing machine control mode needs. The handheld programmer used by MDL-3ZDJ uses 480 X 272 pixel 16 million color, true color 4.3 inch LCD screen, making programming menu content richer, and displaying rich content of boot screen at the same time. The industrial field bus communication is used between the main board and the hand-held programmer, which has higher speed and stronger anti-interference.
Handheld programmer can store dispensing processing files and system configuration files. In multiple devices, handheld programmers can copy each other to glue, process files or system configuration files (or use U disk to copy).
With the increasing variety of the glue dispenser, some of the control systems of the dispensing equipment are also different.

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